Huskies Shout Back

Huskies talk about they they plan to spend their winter.

Robert Bodiroga, Design Editor

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How will you spend your winter break?

Chase Evans (Chee-z), Senior

“Hopefully, productively getting a job but I think I’ll do absolutely nothing, you shouldn’t spend your

winter break acting it’s just one long weekend and instead learn some trades or skills.”

Cameron Briggs, Sophomore

“I am going to spend time with my sister and my family. I am also going to play in the snow and drink hot


What are you most looking forward to this winter and why?

Randy Huynh, Sophomore

“I’m most looking forward to getting the presents and the family gathering where we all open up the


Teresita Espinoza, Senior

“I’m most looking forward to Christmas and listening to the Christmas music. Most of all I love watching

my little sister open up gifts and being happy. I think it’s just the joy of watching little kids open up


What do you like about the winter?

Isaac McGuffin, Sophomore

“It’s cold.”

Ian Hollingworth, Sophomore

“Winter is a perfect time, I love the way the Christmas bells chime, the eggnog is sweet and the cookies

are a treat for my friends and I to drop this sick beat. The snowy hills are tall and winter ain’t nothing like

fall I think we can all agree with that y’all. You may call me Icy McSpicy, that’s what all the elves call me

when I’m hanging out with Claus, my big fat homie. My rhymes come once a year but for now this is all

you get to hear, see you all around next Christmas when I’ll be delivering more business.”

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