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Rylin Kleese, Design Editor

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Smash Hit 7-10

Smash your way through a futuristic dimension, crushing obstacles and targets in your path. This game is fun for when you are just laying around your house bored. You travel through the world of class competing in different levels. If you run out of balls to throw you can start where you left off. Try and save all of your balls so you can move farther along in the game. You gain balls by hitting the glass and breaking it. Collect more balls to continue through all the levels to complete the game.

NBA Live Mobile 8-10

Hit the court in the all-new EA SPORTS NBA LIVE Mobile. Build your team and dominate the competition. Build your team to be the best team in your league. You can compete in leagues and in daily challenges to gain money to get better players for your team. Open player packs to get new and better players. Or you could even go to the auction and buy the players that you want for your team. You can make your team very dominant so you can crush your opponents and be the champion.

Candy Crush Saga 7-10

In this game you will be putting candy together to knockout the different stages and levels to gain power and move on to more difficult levels. There are all different kinds of candy. Different colors and different shapes. You put the same kind of candy together to erase them from the bored. You can play against your friends to see who is the best at knocking down the candy. Compete against your friends to become the champ and have full bragging rights against them. You can play this game in the car or at home or even at school.

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