How to get Thicc

Haris Ademovic, Staff

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A common question I get asked is “Yo Hari, how are your glutes so rotund?” Through years of training and discipline I have managed to develop my cheeks into full blown cakes. The trick here is staying consistent. Improving the stature of your physique takes months, even years. The most crucial part of getting thicc is performing squats. The squat is the most beneficial leg and glute development exercise. These are a must. Squats are the bread and butter of your routine and will be the biggest proponent to achieving that oh so desirable “thicc af” look. I would recommend training your legs at least twice a week, or three times a week for optimal thiccness development. Here is a simple routine I would recommend in order to get thicker than a snicker.

Squats- 4 sets of 10 reps

Lunges- 4 sets of 12 reps each leg

Glute Bridges- 4 sets of 15, 5 sec hold at top

I would also recommend throwing in some form of cardio that incorporates the use of the legs, whether it be biking, running, etc. Increasing the amount of weight or resistance week after week or adding additional exercises is also very important to continue your progress. You should be performing this leg routine at least twice a week, or three times a week for optimal thiccness development.

The next thing I need to discuss is the importance of diet. Eating a proper diet will not only make you feel healthier, but it will also make you thiccer than ever before in all of the right places. I recommend having 4-5 smaller meals per day. Each meal should consist of a solid protein source like chicken, fish, beef, etc. I would recommend that each meal also have a good form of complex carbs such as potatoes, rice, pasta, or beans. Your diet doesn’t need to be perfect, but you do need to eat well if you really want those desirable thicc, well defined glutes that will have all the guys and gals begging for a taste. By staying consistent with this routine, you can easily transform your booty into a wonder of the world.

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