STEMming Out

Benefits and interactions you can get from the STEM program.

Robert Bodiroga, Design Editor

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During the next decade, the United States demand for scientists and engineers is expected to

increase at four times the rate for all other occupations (according to Meaning that

all people who participate in the STEM curriculum can make an impact for the United States.

"What the STEM system does is identify the classes at Hoover and sets the students on a ‘STEM

track’ which will better prepare them for STEM careers or STEM degrees," STEM teacher Chris Knee said.

In order to become involved with STEM academy you have to have high interest with the

courses provided by STEM as an 8 th grader.

"To join the STEM academy you are identified as 8 th graders with a high interest or aptitude in

the science or math courses," Knee said.

STEM could be of interest for you if you enjoy any subjects within the criteria or if you want to

take up work in a career that includes the subjects, it can also be quite an enjoyable experience for you

if you have fun doing things to benefit the world, for example: you could become a medical doctor and

cure diseases or you could become an engineer and manufacture things that could make life much more


Sophomore Ian Hollingworth shares his experience and opinions about the STEM program.

"The program is a good way to open up new branches of science to the students of the Hoover

community," Hollingworth said.

Hollingworth insists on some changes that the stem program could put forth.

"They should separate the inquisitive students from the students who lack the motivation to

learn," Hollingworth said.

One of the things STEM academy does is that is challenges the students within it to see their


"It provides advanced courses that push students to their limit academically and mentally,"

Hollingworth said.

Chris Knee explains how the school got involved with the STEM program."Ms. Griffen was the

main driving force because she was the one who wrote the grant to receive funding from the state of

Iowa in order to start the program," Knee said.

There are certain experiences and events that are exclusive to only STEM academy.

"They can be involved in special events catered to just STEM academy, for example the

Cardboard Challenge, Speaker Bureau, building robots and other STEM activities," Knee said.

It could also be called a future foundation of innovation and ability that works to help living

become easier for those in need or for those who want it.

"I think it’s a great program to better prepare students for their future," Knee said.

Stem advisor Maureen Griffin has been of huge help when it comes to the program.

"Ms. Griffin has secured funding to redesign several spaces at the school to improve the learning

environment of our students," Knee said.

Some examples of redesigned spaces include the STEM room upstairs, the Project Lead The Way

classroom, and the chairs/desks in most of the classrooms in the school.

In addition, one benefit that can be a big impact of being in STEM is that it looks really good in

your college resume, as well as other businesses too.

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