New Coach, New Year

9-year girls’ soccer coach, and now looking for success in the Boys Soccer Program

irvin Hernandez, Staff Member

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Jon Rubino. Hoover English teacher. 9-year girls’ soccer coach, and now looking for success in the Boys Soccer Program…

Rubino is now making the transition to coach the boys’ soccer program because he sees potential from the boys and feels like he can use that for a successful season.

There was many things Rubino is hoping he could do with the Boys program. He was hoping to switch everything around and give the boys what they needed.

“I am hoping to grow the program, organize it, and to really get everyone involved and to have players who are excited about their sport and their school. I feel like many players didn’t have that excitement last season. I hope I can structure a program to where players are proud to play and are playing to the best of their ability,” Rubino said.

Many people may be confused why he made this decision after being with the girls for so long. He saw the chance to reconstruct a program that was left in terrible shape after the last coach and felt like he could create a better bond between the boys and girls program.

“About nine years ago before I moved to the girls’ side, I was a member of the last coaching staff for the boys that made it to state. I saw potential on the boy’s side and I felt like they needed someone to lead them, and take them in the right direction. I also wanted to build some consensus between the boys and girls programs and create a strong hoover soccer community” Rubino said.

Not only did Rubino make his decision based on how torn up the boys’ program was left,  he also had other things convince him to make the final decision.

“There were a couple things that made up my final decision. I was ready for a change, changes are good every once in a while and by changing things up, I think it freshens you up a little and makes you see why you’re doing what you do. I also saw the chance to make the boys and girls soccer programs a much stronger community. I poured everything I had into the girl’s program for the past eight years, and I felt like this was the right opportunity to continue to coach and work at a school I care deeply about” Rubino said

Being Rubino’s first year as the boys’ coach, nothing will come easy for him. He’ll have many obstacles to face and challenges to overcome.

“The challenges are making sure that theirs enough sets of uniforms for each team and each player, and to make sure that there are enough soccer balls for each team so they can practice and play at a high level. And none of that comes cheaply,” Rubino said.

Even though he has to face these challenges, he finds it very worthy of going through it.

“I want to give our boys and the school a program they can be proud of. So despite the challenges, I will do what I can to overcome those issues,” Rubino said.

For Rubino’s first year as the boys’ coach, he has many plans and ideas he wants to put into action.

“I think we have a very difficult schedule, but I also believe we can compete against those elite level teams. We don’t only have the talent to do this, but we also have the group of players willing to work for it and I want to put Hoover boys’ soccer back on the map,” Rubino said.

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