The goal is to work as one on the field

Your Hoover girls' varsity soccer team facing the challenges set before them as a team

Kaitlin Hensley, Staff

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The Hoover girls’ soccer team has a much different face coming into this year’s soccer season. After undergoing major coaching changes, gaining a new head coach and assistant coach. The team is coming together on the way into an extremely competitive schedule of teams.

“One of our challenges this year is definitely getting to know the new coach and his coaching styles,” said sophomore Lydia Swanson.

Swanson is a starting right mid on the varsity team this year. She plays for the competition and the enjoyment.

“My favorite part about playing with this team is when we do things in the off season like competing in Iowa games,” said Swanson.

The Hoover girls’ varsity team consists of about 20 girls ranging from freshman to seniors.

“I believe our main goal right now is to learn how to work together as one and how to communicate with each other and the new coaches, then to compete with the better teams,” said senior Nicole Baily.

Baily is a 4-year varsity letter recipient and preparing to play for Grand View University next year.

“I have been playing for the better part of 12 years and my favorite part of playing soccer is just being able to be a part of a team like this,” said Baily.

Senior Pryce Johnson, one of team captains feels HGS gets stronger every year as the season goes on.

“Seeing a group of girls work towards the same literal goal is the best part about soccer. The main thing we have to get over is getting on the same page again because in the past, that is where we have become truly successful,” said Johnson.

This year practices have consisted a lot more of work on fundamentals, and conditioning. The new drills are based on improving shielding touch and passing. With a new formation, the focus is on improving movement around the field.

“For me this year is more about focusing on more realistic and achievable goals. Don’t get me wrong I want us to go to state, but we’re just not ready. We need to focus on ourselves as a team and keep the Roosevelt trophy, which we can do if we just work as one,” said junior Stephanie Lopez.

Lopez plays soccer to take her mind off other things. Soccer is her escape from the real world so to speak and to be with her second family out there on the field.

“Change is hard of course, but nothing we can’t get through. We have been relying more on each other through the coaching changes, a team isn’t strong because of the coach, it is strong through the player’s commitment and determination to be good,” said junior Breazi Preston.

Through communication, practice, and dedication from all the players, Preston believes this team can succeed no matter the circumstances.

“We have the capability of doing anything we set our minds to as a team as long as we communicate and work together,” said new head coach and Hoover teacher Coach Morrow.

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