The Inauguration in our Nation

Robert Bodiroga, Design Editor

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the new president in our midst,

Donald Trump. Within the first few days of him being president he’d already signed executive orders on

many controversial topics.

One of the most controversial of his orders is on immigration. This order does not permit

citizens from predominantly Muslim countries to immigrate to the U.S, whether or not if they have


“I think it is going to get worse and there’s no way around it. He already signed executive orders

on the wall and the DAPL pipeline. He doesn’t seem to think that any other policies except his work so I

don’t see any conversations going to happen,” English teacher Nicholas Jackson said.

According to the Washington Post Trump’s travel ban has affected more than 90,000 visas’ in 7

different countries giving them a temporary ban on travel for about 90 days.

(Here’s the breakdown by country:

Iran: 35,363 nonimmigrant visas, 7,179 immigrant visas

Iraq: 13,499 nonimmigrant visas, 2,010 immigrant visas

Syria: 10,061 nonimmigrant visas, 1,901 immigrant visas

Sudan: 5,080 nonimmigrant visas, 1,642 immigrant visas

Yemen: 4,525 nonimmigrant visas, 3,143 immigrant visas

Libya: 3,303 nonimmigrant visa, 272 immigrant visas

Somalia: 331 nonimmigrant visas, 1,078 immigrant visas)

“I think that it all depends on the courts’ actions now, they should take care of it,” government

teacher Joseph Nydle said.

CNN reports that Homeland Security has suspended the travel ban and it will resume the

standard inspections on travels as it did prior to the travel ban.

In conclusion we need to wait to see if there is any potential in Trump that he could change our

nation for the greater good. If Trump ends up changing our country for the worse there might be an

impeachment in order.

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