3 Upcoming Movies

What to expect on this years' upcoming hot movies.

Robert Bodiroga, Design Editor

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Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2

The much anticipated sequel to the very successful Guardians of the Galaxy is arriving May 5th in

theaters and has been receiving a lot of attention and hype for it release. The story continues as Star

Lord tries to find his parents. “Remember that you only get one chance to save the galaxy, TWICE.”

Do you think this movie will be as successful as the first?

Quilin Kirkpatrick 10 th grade – “No because everyone that watched it the first time is going to watch this

one fail to compare to the first movies quality,” Kirkpatrick said.

Will this movie reach your expectations?

Noah Kreyling 10 th grade – “Possibly, if they introduce Wonder Man and Starhawk,” Kreyling said.

Wonder Woman

On June 2 nd the new Wonder Woman movie will be released as a remake based off of the original story

and has received a lot of hype for its upcoming release.

Do you think a remake was a good idea or should they have continued on the story?

Breanna Luscombe 9 th grade – “In my opinion I think the remake was a good idea,” Luscombe said.

Were you looking forward to this remake? What are you expecting from it?

Natalie Burns 10 th grade – “I’m expecting it to leave me on the edge of my seat, I’m so pumped. This

movie is way different from the old show. It’s going to be amazing,” Burns said

Spiderman Homecoming

The continuation to the Spiderman storyline will be released on July 5 th . After his encounter with the

Avengers, Peter Parker proceeds to return home to live with his aunt May while keeping his identity as

Spiderman. Peter must soon put his power to the test as evil Vulture emerges to terrorize his newfound


What is your opinion on the new Spiderman?

Denzil Miller 12 th grade – “Better than the last ones. They were garbage and so is that dude who played

them,” Miller said.

Do you think this Spiderman will be on par with the classics?

Chase Thompson 12 th grade – “First of all, I don’t think the originals are ‘classics’, The first was good and

the second was just OK. The third was hot trash. And I’ve seen the trailer for this new one. It actually

looks really nice. There is a very relatable main character, and Iron Man is also in it. I think it will surpass

the originals,” Thompson said.

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