Ask Haris and Ashton – Approaching Awkward Situations

How do I approach someone about an awkward situation rather than avoid it altogether?

Haris Ademovic, Staff

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Well, well, well, luckily for you, you’ve come to the master of advice, Prophet Hari AKA Demigod Hari AKA The thiccest man on the planet. Now listen carefully, make sure you store this crucial info in your wonderful brain ya goshdarn kid.The truth is, you already took a big fat L. So you may be asking yourself, “Demigod Hari, how can I turn this big fat L into a W?” It’s quite simple.

The answer is all within your mind. The situation is only as awkward as you make it out to be. The key here is approaching with confidence. If you are confident enough (and thicc enough) you can LITERALLY get away with anything. For example, let’s say you contracted an STD and are searching for the perpetrator. Just hit em with a short but simple “Got chlamydia?” Problem solved. By being confident and up front, you are removing up to 50% of the total awkwardness between the two individuals.

A wise man once said “Everything is great when you don’t give a sh**”. Each and every awkward situation will bring you one step closer to truly not giving a hoot, which in turn will make your life better than ever before. As of now, you are nothing but a small juvenile tadpole. However, if you follow Prophet Hari’s advice, you may one day conquer your adversity and become a thicc, full-fledged adult froggy. Go on now tadpole, and turn this awkward situation into a learning experience!


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