Lockin In his future

and his achievements

Irvin Hernandez, Staff Member

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Soccer player. Swimmer. Golfer. Tennis player. Chess club. Best buddies. These are all roles that Senior Nick Lockin has filled at Hoover High School.

Although Lockin has been involved in many activities, Best buddies has been one of the ones that’s affected him the most.

“I’ve had a positive effect on many people, especially those through best buddies. Best buddies has made me a much more Patient, Caring, and empathetic person,” Lockin said.

Best buddies has had a big impact on Lockin throughout the years and he’s enjoyed every moment as much as possible. He’s made many friends and has had great memories through it all.

“Through Best Buddies, I was able to become great friends with many people, but Duncan Ives has been my closest buddy for the past 2 years,” Lockin said.

“My favorite memories are from the Best Buddies dances and parties. I get to spend time with our whole group at these times, which I really enjoy doing,” Lockin said.

Many people may not know this, but Lockin is the President of Best Buddies which means he’s a huge representative for the Organization. He’s been involved in the organization for all 4 years of high school.

“The Best Buddies message is of friendship and inclusion pertains mostly to kids with IDD, but it’s a great message that everyone can get behind. I felt like I was helping make positive change to those in Best Buddies here at Hoover,” Lockin said.

After high school Lockin is expecting to go to the University of Iowa to major in business. He’s prepared to take the advantages that college will throw at him.

Lockin wants to encourage returning Hoover students too,” Take advantage of the opportunities here, what you have here isn’t found in many places of the world and don’t let that slip through your fingers.”


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