How To: Promposals

Kaitlin Hensley, Staff

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“As a girl of course I want to be asked to prom, it’s just part of the experience,” senior Nicole Baily said.

Baily was taken to prom last year and thinks it’s really important to put in a little extra planning and make if fun.

“Being asked with a poster or food is nice because it shows effort and that they actually care about taking you with them, I like being asked with clever lines,” Baily said.

Prom-posals often incorporate cute one liners, incorporating some type of gift or food.

“The way you ask someone to prom is everything,” senior John Gingerich said.

Gingerich knows it’s always worth it to put in a little extra effort.

“Girls like to see us actually try,” Gingerich said.

Heitz’s boyfriend is a soccer player; it is common to incorporate extracurricular activities to make it personal.

“I am not sure how exactly I am going to ask him but I know it will have something to do with soccer, maybe shooting a goal, I’ll probably get some of his teammates in on it,” Heitz said.

Prom season is just around the corner so watch out Hoover students as the senior prepare for their proposals.

“To ask someone to prom you have to use food and a poster, they are necessities to a good prom posal,” senior Dana Onley said.

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