Student of All Seasons

Kaitlin Hensley, Staff

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To be a student of all seasons you must be dedicated to your schools and your passions. Each department nominates a student with exceptional dedication to not only the department but community.

“The students being recognized here have impacted the school for four years and they deserve recognition. There’re kids that are doing a lot but aren’t recognized for the contributes on a daily basis,” senior Max Tensen said.

“I was recognized for being heavily involved in orchestra, I devoted more than just class time into it. My goal is to always do more than what is expected of me,” senior Morgan Meyer said.

“I’ve put countless hours into the school through various activities, I think that a lot of people have though. The thing that sets me apart is the amount of things I’m in, I try to get involved in everything I can,” Tensen said.

“It’s important to recognize these students who may not be recognized in other activities regularly despite consistent good work. Recognizing students for good work in classes all year round is important to keep their drive to do well,” Meyer said.

To be recognized you have to be more than just a one season student. The more activities you immerse yourself in and the more you put into your school programs the more you get back out.

“I’m involved in many different things outside of school, I’m president in my orchestra on our officer board, I work, I participate in sports, I’m on a student advisory board, and I still strive to do well in school and get good grades,” Meyer said.

“The school does so much to make your high school experience memorable and important, everyone should take as many opportunities as they can to get involved and give back,” Tensen said.

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