Iron Man: The Chronicles of Denzil Miller

Senior lives prosperously after overcoming chronic medical condition

Haris Ademovic, Staff

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Have you ever had a friend who was part titanium? Well, now you can. Meet senior Denzil Miller, a man of many virtues and a titanium spine.

“I got the name Denzil from my great grandfather. He was an absolute dog, so I am proud to be named after him,” Miller said.

Miller struggled with many things in his life including a hernia contracted from playing hacky sack and deadliest of all, scoliosis. Miller’s spine had contorted to a shape that was unfathomable by even the most decorated of experts.

Luckily for Miller he managed to find a professional who was able to operate on his absolutely abnormal spine. Miller was able to “stay positive and fight through adversity” in order to overcome his dilemma. Now Miller can deadlift over 300 lbs. and steal your girl with no problems.

Miller’s ability to overcome and improve his situation has earned him the respect of his peers. Miller’s close friends see him as a reliable guy who is always there for you when you are in a sticky situation.

“I’ve been friends with Denzil for over 10 years. He’s a reliable guy and he’s always straight up with you,” Owen McGuffin said.

However, Miller thirsts for conflict and has earned himself the moniker of “Conflict Master” among his close friends.

“He’s my friend but he’s also a halfwit. We like to call him the conflict master because of his love to argue with people,” Charles Reese proclaimed.

Miller’s story is one of admirable courage because of his ability to overcome adversity and create conflict with absolutely anyone. Miller’s life can be summed up with the words “I am titanium” straight from David Guetta and Sia’s hit song “Titanium”.

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