Unbreakable Zane Clark

A look into the life of Zane Clark, and how he stays motivated and positive in the face of adversity

Irvin Hernandez, Staff Member

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Life is like the ocean. It can be calm and still, or rough and rigid, but in the end, it is always beautiful. Hoover sophomore Zane Clark was born into rough and rigid waters.

Zane is the son of Wendy and Tom Clark. Although, he has been raised by just his father since he was 11 years old. His father was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. This has weighed heavily on the 16 year old. However, through all this adversity, Zane has remained positive and motivated.

“When it comes to misfortune, I just focus on the positives”. Those positives being “my extremely huge amount of friends and the tons of activities I am involved in”.

Zane is involved in many different things around Hoover. He partakes in choir, he manages the rugby team, and is on Hoover’s Best Buddies officer team.

In five years, Zane believes he will be a musician, specifically, a guitar player. To practice for this, he is taking lessons from one of his teachers Drew Douglass. Douglass believes that

“Zane is an extremely enthusiastic and positive kid”, and thinks that “if Zane can be focused, and continue to practice, he can accomplish his musical aspirations.”

He also sees Zane as the type of person he would want his kids to hang out with.

Senior Liam McInroy feels similarly about him.

“Zane is the type of person that is always smiling, and thinks the most of people and the world.”

He also looks at him as a “positive person”.

Zane’s life has been rough, but has stayed positive and motivated in spite of it. He should be an inspiration to those going through tough times. He always looks to see how life can be beautiful.




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