You Down With U.P.P?!

Oddessey Whitaker, Opinion

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The Multicultural Student Alliance is Hoover High School’s newest unofficial club, and we are hoping it becomes official soon.  Our fundamental principles are Unity, Power and Peace, otherwise known as U.P.P. We use this as our go-to for dealing with tough situations we always try to stay UPP, get it?

This club is the brain child of several students in the second round of the student lead Husky Time Excursion Open Minds, when they realized there was a need in Hoover for such an organization, due to the recent tensions and fights coupled with on-going high rates of In School Suspensions and Out of School Suspensions amongst the minority students. Over half of our suspensions are given to black students although they only make up a little under a third of Hoover’s population. Minority students all together make up over half our school’s population and hold seventy-five percent of our suspensions. We hope to prevent and solve these problems using the M.S.A.

There are two different setting in which we meet, one is during Husky Time, where the officials meet during excursions to discuss the next steps for our club and decide on our projects and activities. The officials are typically composed of seniors that have an invested interest in the MSA, and like-minded under classmen. The officers are Max Tensen, Destiny Jackson, Makayla Harris, Latifa Muhammad, DeJaunia Harrison, and Oddessey Whitaker as President. Next year new officers will be voted in by members of the M.S.A.

The second setting for meetings is after school on Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30, in the Inquiry Lab. These are general meetings for anyone that is in MSA, or wants to be, or just wants to observe and contribute. These meetings are completely inclusive and open to anyone, because our goal is for everyone to feel wants to observe and contribute. the s as our go ]-to for dealing with tough situ

The MSA is geared towards the advancement of minority students within Hoover, but the program is not limited to just minority students because we know in the MSA people from all backgrounds can contribute to the success of others. Overall we just want growth, we want people to grow and develop and change for the better.

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