What Now: After Senior Year

Its graduation day and you just threw your cap in the air. You are a bright, young high school graduate ready to take on the world. But as that hat comes down, you start thinking to yourself; what now? What do you do for the rest of your life? Here are a few different views from some senior newspaper staff that may help you choose a path.

Oddessey Whitaker, Opinion

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On the subject of celebrating graduation:

Me: I’m going to have a huge party, it’s going to be lit.

Ashton: Going to Pryce’s (his sister) grad party.

Kassandra: Having a party.

On the subject of summer plans:

Ashton Johnson: Taking Zane to the beach.

Emma O’Neil: Going to South Dakota, spending time with Josh [boyfriend] and working so I can save money for my own place.

On the subject of Higher Education:

Me: Going to Iowa State University

Ashton Johnson: Rugby at UNI.

Colby Williams: I’m going to Wartburg, yes it’s a real college.

Kassandra Claytor: I’m going to Grandview.

Jacqueline Carmenate: Going to school after, that’s all I know.

Where do you see yourself a year from now:

Ashton: At UNI.

Jacqueline: Studying still.

Emma: In my own place, hopefully happy.

Nick: In college as a straight A student.

What will they miss most:

Ashton: The people.

Jacqueline: The people. Not really my friends I see on the daily, but those I see around school. They all make school a great experience.

Me: I will miss being a kid, having freedom without the price. I’ll miss being able to be irresponsible.

On the subject of feeling prepare to be an adult:

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