Hot or Not

Spring Edition

Irvin Hernandez, Staff Member

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Coogi – It is a commonly known fact that the person you have a crush on doesn’t like looking at someone who looks like they got dressed in the dark. Wearing Coogi will show this person that you know what fashion is supposed to look like. Also the average Coogi sweater has just about every color on the spectrum, so your favorite color is bound to be on it. If you’re religious, you will look like Joseph, from the story of Joseph and the Technicolored Dream Coat. If you like Bill Cosby, Connor McGregor, Biggie, ASAP, or Nick Lockin, you will be glad to know they all rock Coogi. For these reasons, I give the Coogi brand a rate of Hot.

Young Thug- Young thug’s collection of songs is an album of baby’s first words. I would try to disaggregate quality of lyrics or something like rhyming ability, but I truly can’t understand a single word he is saying. When I listen to music, I like to vibe and relate to the lyrics. Young Thugs annunciating abilities take that pleasure away from me. Instead of spending money on his music, I think I will just go babysit my 1 year old neighbor. I’ll get the same lyrical experience. For these reasons, I rate Young Thug with a Not.

Big Promposals- I believe it comes down to the certain girl. I’m sure there are plenty of girls who would be horrified to have everybody’s eyes on them as they have to answer the big yes or no question. Although for the most part I believe that the person you are asking would be very flattered by the time you put into your YouTube worthy promproposal, and admire your courage for asking in front of what will most likely be tons of people. And if you are thinking you don’t have a good chance with the person you are asking, showing you put tons of time into your promposals might just guilt the person into saying yes! For these reasons, I give YouTube worthy promposals a rate of Hot.

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