Dump Trump

Oddessey Whitaker, Opinion

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Loss of hope enveloped the minority communities on November 8th 2016 when the president-elect was announced, sadly that person was Donald Trump, this was disappointing to many people, mainly because most feel he is unfit to be president. Donald Trump has been openly racist, bigoted, sexist, xenophobic, islamophobic, and homophobic. These are not just crazy accusations, Donald Trump has many times on his campaign trail offended many groups of people by mocking and disrespecting them. The things he says have gained him so much Negative exposure the KKK has endorsed him, although much later he said he does not accept it. On November 9th 2016 students all over the Des Moines metro area walked out of their classes and into freedom of speech.

 This started at East High School by a student, then quickly spread out to all the schools in DMPS even suburb schools including Valley high school. At Hoover, a few seniors including myself helped spread the word through the entire school using social media. We walked out to participate in a peaceful protest of president-elect Donald Trump. This was in an attempt to show that while he may have won the presidency he did not win the people. During the protest things remained peaceful although it was hard to maintain a balance of voices and emotions when speaking about something so frustrating. There were a lot of people that had something to say, like all things there were positive and negative comments but overall it was a great experience. Being out there and leading the protest was not only empowering but it made me proud, not of myself, but of my peers, school and district. We were able to complete a fully non-violent protest and get our point across.

The protest all together lasted about less than thirty minutes. After the protest I personally received a lot of backlash from people claiming to care about education and saying I robbed my fellow students of their right to learn, and from people saying this protest wouldn’t accomplish anything, and I should just give up. I would like to explain that less than 30 minutes of learning how to positively use your freedom of speech is very educational. Some student decided to use this freedom liberally and gave us a piece of their mind on the topic.

“I am out here because Donald Trump doesn’t deserve to be president, the president is supposed to represent all people. How can he do that when he doesn’t respect woman, race, religion, and disability?” – Olivia HM 11th grade

“I am out here because I believe Donald is a business man, not a politician. He’s not in it for the right reasons, he just wants money.”

“He is sexist” – Sofia Lopez 10th grade

“Because Fuck Donald Trump” –Lake Manship 12th grade

“I’m here because I don’t support Trump, he’s not fit to be our president. – Selima Vejzovic 10th

“Were protesting Trump because he is racist, he doesn’t support disabilities or minorities, and he is rude to women.” – Taylan Olson 11th

“I’m out here because Trump is a bitch, he is rude to women” – John Redeker 11th

  “I am out here I am supporting my students.” –Flesch

“The leader of our nation needs to love every beautiful colored face you see out here today.” – Gretchen Critelli Staff

   Additionally I know that protesting will not push Donald Trump out of office but he has incited racial tension that cannot be dismissed by a simple “oh I’m sorry”. This has caused a giant rift in our country, that can only be fixed by love and an established community. That protest was to bring us together and it did, and by my standards that is a mission accomplished.

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