The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Cuffing Season

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During the bone chilling cold months of a year something magical happens, those that were once free and unable to be tied down find themselves in need of a relationship. This magical time during the chilly months is generally called Cuffing Season. You might be wondering what Cuffing Season is, sophomore Savannah Richards explains it “ when people get together”. The dates seem to vary from person to person. Junior Devonte Thedford says it’s just during winter, while senior Molly Peter says it starts during November and ends after winter. While these are pretty close to the actual dates, they are not exact, the actual dates are a little more complex and give a good timeline to help those that want to participate along the way:

Scouting: August 1-31

Pick some people to talk to, the people you are interested in or might want to date.

Tryouts: September 1-30

Get a little closer to these people, and figure out who you really want to talk to.

PreSeason: November 1-30

Now you just have one person you’re talking to, but it’s their time to decide whether or not they want to be with you, and if y’all have a good connection the you can cuff them.

Cuffing Season:  December 1- January 15

Being in a relationship with this person and doing what couples do, getting Christmas gifts for each other.

Playoffs:  January 16- February 13

Knowing if you want to stay with this person for good, not just a temporary thing. This is the time to see if you really want to be in a committed relationship, before your first couples’ holiday

Championship Game:  February 14

This is the time to have fun and enjoy the person you are with, and maybe by the end of the season you’ll have a championship ring.

With this new information go forth and cuff.

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