Kaitlin Hensley, Staff

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Watching the ball spin down the lane, as it curves, hoping and praying it stays out of the gutter. Time slows as you wait to hear the crashing of the pins. Wishing for every last one to come crashing down.

The boys and girls bowling team is expanding every year pulling more and more curious students into forming a strong competitive team.

“Everyone should join bowling, it’s a great sport,” senior John Gingerich said.

Gingerich has been a part of the team for two years now, he’s also on the golf and baseball team, and a part of NHS and I Jag. He has been practicing and is confident he will get his varsity letter this year. Being a part of the Hoover bowling team is about much more than just the competition.

“To be considered a varsity bowler you have to compete in 2 varsity meets and average 150 or better,” Gingerich said.  “Bowling is a lot of fun and always lit.”

Junior Breazi Preston is a soccer player, swimmer, involved in silver cord, and NHS. Now, this multi-activity student has added bowling to her long list of activities.

“We don’t care about winning; we are just here to have fun. No matter how well I do, we are always proud of each other,” Preston said.

Bowling is a fun sport to get you involved in something because it’s competitive but not overly physically demanding.

“Bowling has quickly became something I look forward to every week. Tuesdays and Thursdays are literally my favorite just because I get to go bowl,” Preston said.

A sport like bowling is a small tight-knit community of diverse people that come together for a competitive yet relaxing game.

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