Mrs. Flesch you will be missed

The Retirement of one of the greats

Irvin Hernandez, Staff Member

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After 34 years of a mixture of being an educator and administrator, Principal Cindy Flesch is moving onto the next step of her life – retirement. Flesch, who has been Hoover’s principal for three years and previously Meredith’s principal for eight years, believes she enacted lots of positive change in her tenure.

“[I wanted to create] a healthier relationship between Meredith and Hoover, better connections between staff and student, and a healthier perspective of what Hoover is about,” Flesch said.

Student Council adviser Missie Feuerbach weighed in on the last three years, believing Flesch has added a community feel here at Hoover.

“[I will miss] how she models how she puts kids first,” Feuerbach said.

This notion of always putting the kids first has led Flesch to some of the things she considers her accomplishment.

“[My crowning achievements are] making kids feel safer, like they have a spot here, and knowing you have made a difference in kids’ lives,” Flesch said.

The principal position will be filled by a long time leader and DMPS administrator Kathie Danielson. Danielson is currently the Director of High Schools.

News of Flesch’s replacement has put many anxious student and faculty members at ease. Even though Hoover gets to say hello to another experienced principal next year, it will still be hard to say goodbye to a principal who has put so much stock in the kids that have to watch her go.

To our principal, whose favorite memories at Hoover are “seeing the kids I worked with cross the stage,” you will be missed!


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