Hot or Not

Voss Water, Crocs, Drakes new album

Irvin Hernandez, Staff Member

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Hot or Not

Voss Water- There are many misconceptions that are widely accepted. One that plagues our society is the belief that all water tastes the same. The smartest among us know that this is malarkey. The smartest among us all know that Voss water is the purest of the pure, the best of the best. On a less pretentious note, lots off Voss’ fresh water is donated to places without clean liquid. So not only are you getting an exquisite drink, but you are supporting a company that supports those that are less fortunate. For these reasons, I rate Voss water as HOT!


Crocs- I am convinced that the only reason you might wear Crocs is to do so ironically. The goofy looking footwear can often be a butt of a joke or the reason people stop talking to you.  Our fashion editor Jackie Carmenate referred to them “as the worst thing to happen to the 21st century”.  As you can see on the fashion page, Jackie is talking about all the HOT fashion trends, and Crocs didn’t make the cut. So if our fashion writer/editor doesn’t like them, you know they must be a NOT!
More Life – I would say that Drake took an L for what we are hearing in this album, but I know the ghost writers are the ones to blame. My biggest complaint is that all the songs had a generic feel to it. What I mean by this, is that there were no stand out tracks, it all sounded like all the other Drake songs we have heard before. Also, if there were less songs, then maybe those ghost writers could have spent more time on making just a few of the songs good. I have a theory that the real reason Rihanna left him is because she got to hear More Life before it was released. For these reasons, I rate More Life as NOT!

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