Column i: Who Is Peter East?

I can guarantee my family is the only one that did this in the face of trauma

Isabel Sullivan, Opinion Editor

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My family deals with stress in strange ways. We went on a road trip while my cousin was catatonic, my grandparents sold their house and traveled North America for the majority of my formative years and to compensate for the transition of my starting middle school, my family got pets! Chickens are pets, right? Like I said, strange. 

In the vein of trauma, my grandfather had a bypass surgery on his heart about six months ago. He wasn’t doing very well when he got out of surgery, a chunk of cholesterol broke out of his artery and ended up blocking a blood vessel in his brain. My grandpa had a stroke, and suffered memory loss for a day before the cholesterol dislodged itself and he was back to normal.  

During this roughly thirty-two-hour period where my grandfather didn’t know who he was, where he was, or who any of his family was, he inexplicitly remembered one thing; a man named Peter East. He would ask repeatedly for Peter East, a man nobody in my family has any connection to at all.  Everyone was baffled, he couldn’t remember his own name but he remembered the name of a man he’d never met.   

Naturally, the only conclusion anyone can come to after this incident, deal and move on, was not the one my family came to.  My family decided, to commemorate the occasion, to make hats. Seriously, they were six dollars apiece, a steal!  What family do you know that has matching stroke hats? The hats ask the question of the century, ‘Who Is Peter East?’   

Embroidered in white, over a backdrop of blue, accented by a red question mark, blaze the letters of a question more important than any other. The navy-blue hat sits atop my head attracting questions such as “Who is Peter East?” and, “What does that mean?”.  

I laugh as I say, “My family deals with trauma in strange ways.” 

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