Less Stress For Freshmen

Helping our freshmen feel more welcome to highs school.

Ana Karla Marquez-Caballero, Staff

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What is being done for freshmen to cope with stress? 

Community school coordinator Gretchen Critelli: Freshmen get assigned spirit crew leaders during husky time and they lead their freshmen through a series of activities so that in the future freshmen can feel comfortable asking their leader (or any other leader) for help during their first year.  

Senior Emily Swessinger: We are going to their classes and helping them prep for high school.  

Freshman Jonathan Garcia: Learning and the teachers are helping us understand things. 

Why is it so important for freshmen to be stress free? 

Critelli: When people are stress-free it allows them to take in information and learn, when stressed it’s hard to calm down and put things in order. When calm you’re able to put things in order.  

Swessinger: If they’re stressing, they don’t do well in class and they’re not going to pay attention and focus.  

Who and where do you go to when you’re stressed?  

Swessinger: I go to Ms. Van Dyck and Ms. Critelli, both help students succeed in high school and always have my back, and my friends because they’ve gone through the same thing. 

Garcia: My phone and my brother Edwin. And I go to my bedroom or just dribble a ball outside. 

Some tips given towards relieving stress: 

Critelli: Do vipassana meditation, an Indian form of meditation I would recommend, talk to good friends and seek advice from wiser people. I also use a planner, it organizes my thoughts. 

Swessinger: I go to my practices, clubs and meetings because they distract me. 

Garcia: I play soccer, go outside and dribble the soccer ball. 

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