50th graduating class

Celebrating 50 years at Hoover

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50th graduating class

Rylin Kleese, Co-Editor in Chief

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Half a century ago the first graduating class walked across the stage and received their diplomas. 50 years later the class of 2018 will be the 50th graduating class to go through Hoover. But what does that mean? Hoover high school has grown over the last 50 years.

Our seniors have come far over the past four years and has created strong bonds that will last forever. Blackford said she wants to leave behind a legacy of, “[being a] role model and making fun memories we can remember forever.”

“It’s special because Hoover has come so far and we get recognized for being the 50th graduating class,” senior Hannah Blackford said.

Blackford, president of Senior Board, wants the senior class to have fun activities to go along with the year.

“I want a senior ‘field day’ that is fun and one of our last memories of our classmates,” Blackford said.

Senior Board, composed of seniors like Thao Larson and Breazi Preston, works hard to coordinate activities and make sure the class enjoys its final year.

“Seniors look at us to make decisions for them so it’s important to get ideas from them, so we are all in it together,” Blackford said.

When it’s your turn to graduate, what kind of impact do you want to leave behind?

Hannah will be the fourth Blackford sibling to go through Hoover.

“My sister still helps me and give me advice for classes or any decisions I make my senior year,” Blackford said.

I think being the 50th graduating class is a big honor. It’s not every year that you are graduating as a part of your schools history.

I hope that all the classes that graduate after us will remember our class, what our class meant to Hoover and the legacy we will leave behind.

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