It’s scary good

Colder weather and chillers

Ruby Griffin, staff

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If you’ve been dying for the excitements of horror movies to be nonstop, they are here, and they’ll be here for a while. First what makes a good horror movie? Clowns? Demons? Jump scares? Movies have always been a big source of excitement for people.

Junior Ashlyn Ojoh prefers to go to theaters to watch funny movies and scary movies because she likes to laugh and be scared.

“I don’t want to wait for movies to go on Netflix and going to theaters makes scary movies seem scarier to me,” Ojoh said.

Though she is afraid of clowns, ghosts, and demons she usually watches movies at night especially scary movies.

“I like scary movies because it makes my heart beat fast and the rush is exciting,” Ojoh said.

Junior Randy Hyunh watches all movie genres depending on who the characters or actors are. He doesn’t watch horror movies often even though he doesn’t have any fears.

“Horror movies make me feel excited, and scared- horror movies are good when they have a lot of details and a good storyline,” Hyunh said.

Fears concurred nothing can stop her now. Sophomore Angel Lewis loves watching cartoons, mysteries, and horrors that make you leap out of your seat. Lewis watches scary movies in the afternoon or at night.

“My favorite actor is Jackie Chan he’s my baby… I watch movies when it’s half dark with the lights off,” Lewis said.

So being scared is surely exciting and adrenaline rushing to make things better, according to the guardian you can burn almost 200 calories by watching a 90 minute movie with gory scenes and jump scares.

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