Why Hoover?

Reasons to like Hoover

Kendra Hernandez, Staff

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Every high school is different. Different crowd. Different atmosphere. Different people.

The atmosphere is always different wherever you go. That means the atmosphere at our school is just as unique.

“Everyone’s on the same level here, it’s friendly…  everyone’s nice to others,” junior Lydia Swanson said.

“The atmosphere is good and wild,” junior Kennaujh Quinn said.

This year is our 50th anniversary, and through the decades we have made a name for ourselves. We are one of the most diverse schools in Iowa, which is something to be proud of and with that comes challenges that makes us a stronger community.

One thing we are known for is our sports. The main one is the basketball team.

“I thought of HHS as a basketball school,” Quinn said.

Hoover has always been known for their good basketball teams, and when Coach Henderson came here and took over the program he has kept the Hoover basketball team in elite shape.

“I like the basketball team,” Rodney Washington said.

One drawback for some students is the food our cafeteria serves.

“I don’t like the lunch here…the food is nasty as hell,” Quinn said.

Most students agree with Quinn.

That’s why most students go out for lunch instead of eating lunch at school.

Other sports at Hoover include football, swimming, golf, volleyball, and softball.

Being involved in things like athletics and extracurricular makes high school a better experience. We also have a drama department, Best Buddies chapter, Gay-Straight Alliance, and debate team, among others.

These aspects of our school give students opportunities and make for a fun experience

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