Batter up

A look at how the season went for both baseball and softball.

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Batter up

Jordan Redeker, Online editor

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The baseball and softball team had two different kinds of seasons. The softball team was one game away from going to state. They won 22 games and only lost 10 all season. The baseball team on the other hand lost their first regional game 9-0             against Johnston High School. They won 2 games and lost 31 during their season.

“It was okay, we could have done better and have had harder practices,” sophomore Ashton Feldman said.

The baseball team wasn’t as successful as they could have been.

“We should have had more people in practice trying to get better everyday,” senior Tre Redeker said.

Redeker has played baseball all four years of high school. He is one of the captains for the baseball team, and wants a different outcome for them. He hopes to achieve it this year because it is his last.

“The softball team did a lot better, I wish they would have went farther,” said Redeker.

The softball team only lost 10 games all season and got a buy their first regional game for the first time in forever.

“It was our best season, we made Hoover history,” junior Karli Benson said.

Benson transferred here from Valley High School her freshman year. She started right field last year so she was very involved with the team. She thought the team worked well together and hopes that continues throughout the next season.

Both Benson and sophomore Tayler Floyd agreed one of the toughest game throughout the season was their regional game against Fairfield. The score was 4-2, with hoover with ending their season. That game came down to the last inning, and it was a very hard way to lose.

The girls went far and they’re going to come back next year and fight till they make their way to state.

“FD18,” Benson said.

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