A new principal not so new to hoover

Mrs. Danielson's Return

Kaitlin Hensley, Online editor

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Last year we said goodbye to Cindy Flesch, who was our principal for three years. She retired and Kathie Danielson is taking up the mantle as interim principal. Some students may find it stressful working under a new administrator, but Danielson already has quite the history and experience at our school.

“I have been with the district for 40 years now,” Danielson said.

She started off here as a speech, drama, and English teacher before teaching at East, then came back here as an English teacher. Danielson then became our vice principal from 2000 to 2002, so she knows the dynamic within the building.

“At 21 years old I walked into this building and I thought, what a better place to finish out my career,” said Danielson.

Her family knows the ins and outs of our school as well – all three of her children graduated from here.

“It was interesting putting my kids through school here because they were all interested in different departments, I had all of them from a drama girl to a football boy,” Danielson said.

The new principal has dreams and goals for the student body and for us in the learning community.

“I want to know how we can serve every single student that walks through these doors,” Danielson said.

Danielson believes every student should have the equity and opportunity to learn at a high level here.

“We have to examine some of our structural practices and ask, are they meeting the needs of every single student here?” Danielson said.

She desires to lead our school down a path to becoming a leader in urban education.

“My number one goal is to listen to the students and figure out what they believe we need to do to become the leaders in premier urban education,” Danielson said.

“And that takes us up to today, I am now the principal here at hoover,” Danielson said.

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