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Changing Times

Des Moines Public Schools considers switching to different class times

Des Moines Public Schools Credit

Des Moines Public Schools Credit

Des Moines Public Schools Credit

Sabina Idriz, Co-Editor in Chief

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Do you find it hard to wake up on time to school? Our school district is proposing a change in school times and if it goes through, you will have 45 extra minutes every morning. The changes would affect elementary, middle, and high school times, changing the sleeping patterns of all students in our district.

While our elementary schools would start an hour and five minutes earlier, middle schools and high schools would get a later start. Us high schoolers would go to school at 8:25am and leave at 3:25pm. This plan would benefit us in some ways, but also has some drawbacks.

Leaving school almost an hour later may limit students’ hours at work, and give them less time after school for extracurricular activities and homework. College is expensive, and while working a couple fewer hours a week doesn’t seem like it’d make much of an impact, over time you would be losing a sizable amount of money. Some sports practices would have to start at 4:00pm instead of 3:00pm, which would leave practices in the winter going on until past sunset more often. Students may have to walk home in the dark more often as well.

Research shows that starting later would benefit students’ health and sleep in the long run, but it would take a while to get accustomed to. The change in times is cost neutral and would also result in less first block tardies, which is a problem that affects students’ attendance rates.

To me, it’s clear that the pros outweigh the cons in this situation, and getting extra sleep and fewer tardies is worth working around my work schedule and extracurriculars. It remains to be seen whether the district will go ahead with the proposed new times, but if they do, I’ll be a little bitter it had to be after I graduated.

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Changing Times