Road to Wells Part 3

Getting the ship to shore

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Road to Wells Part 3

Nick Johnson, staff

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Coming back from winter break, the Huskies are at 6-1. They have only lost to DM North and still have a chance to get revenge at home on January 9th.

The Huskies are led by senior guard Devonte Thedford (known as DT), who is averaging 19 pts and 8 rebounds per game. Behind DT, junior shooting guard Hosea Treadwell is averaging 11 pts per game and shooting 39.2% from the field. Also putting up numbers for the Huskies are junior shooting guard Adam Jackson who averages 11 pts per game with a shooting percentage of 42.4% and senior forward Nick Johnson averaging 7.5 pts per game and 5.7 rebounds per game.

The team is struggling with little things like giving up offensive rebound, and need to work on boxing players out and limiting teams to one shot. Going into the winter break 6-1, and had the chance to go 7-0 but just too many errors.

“If we fix the little things, we could have a season to remember,” junior point guard Kenny Quinn said.

Listening to the scouting report is key to being a successful team and buying in to the assignment to come out on top on Tuesday and Friday nights.

“Not following the scouting report hurts,” junior shooting guard Hosea Treadwell said.

Everybody has a part on the team, from the starting five to the last one on the bench. Everyone has a certain job to do to help make the team win ball games and be successful.

“I don’t score that much but I do little things like play defense and rebound to help the team win,” senior guard Jarreau Jefferson said.

The team is coming off a couple big wins over DM Lincoln and DM East, beating them on average 20 pts. Staying focus and working hard in practice this week to compete with DM North on Tuesday.

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