Finals are extinct

Irvin Hernandez, Secretary

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Typically as a high school student finals week can be one of the scariest times in a semester. Having to be stressed about passing your finals, but then having the relieving factor of getting out of school at 10:30 AM would make up for it all.

Well… for the high schools who aren’t in Des Moines Public Schools this might be true but, for most DMPS students finals and getting out of school early isn’t a thing anymore.

As a DMPS student, you don’t have to go through the anxiety and stress that finals bring others; that’s pretty much nonexistent.

“Finals” isn’t really a term used at Hoover or other Des Moines Public Schools. Nowadays, students consider finals day as just the last class of the semester.

Some people may have many different opinions of whether or not Des Moines Schools not having finals is a good thing, a bad thing, or if it’s even fair.

“It feels good because I don’t have to worry about failing the final. It’s a positive thing because we don’t have to worry about finals,” junior Sebastian Garay said.

This is one of many students who feel relieved about having no finals.

Not having finals could benefit those students who really stress over finals. For the most part, Hoover students have a positive, relieved feelings about no finals.

“Having no finals is a positive thing because the kids don’t have to stress over break for the final,” Senior Sinan Felic said.

Although not having finals might make students happy, not having finals as a high school student could be a negative factor if you plan on attending college.

In majority of colleges what you learn at the beginning of the semester to the end of the semester, is typically everything that will be on your Final.

“It affects them because once you get to college your finals are based on what you learn the first day of class through the last day of class. It would be nice for high school to prepare them to that format, because it would help students get ready for college and how much they’ll need to study throughout the semester,” counselor Michael Dean said.

Having finals could benefit those students who do plan on going to college, but for the most part students are enjoying the relieving factor of not having real “finals” at the end of the semester.




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