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Senior Allison Wilkerson's monthly fashion advice to keep you stylish!

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Allies Fashion Alley

Allison Wilkerson, Fashion Editor

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Chukkas (Boots)

Why?: They are a simple take on a classic style.

They come in neutral colors, therefore making it

extremely easy to pair with any type of jeans. Plus:

they keep your toes protected by the harsh autumn


Where?: or


Leather Bomber Jacket


Why?: Leather jackets are a great addition to anyone’s closet.

They are so stylish while keeping you warm.

They also give a ‘rugged’ pop to any outfit.



Cutaway Collar Dress Shirts

Why?: These dress shirts will make anyone look classy.

Coupling this shirt with a perfectly chosen tie will

make you immediately look like you know what

you’re doing. (Even if you don’t!)

Where?: J.Crew, or


Straight Fit Levi’s


Why?: A dark blue 100% cotton (or close), pair of these will be the best go-to

jeans in your closet. Comfortable, Flattering, and if you

snatch them during a sale, pretty inexpensive.

Where?:, or try Kohl’s.


Man Buns


Why?: They are so easy. They look great without actually

having to put energy into them. When you have no

Idea what to do with your hair, just bun it.

Where?: Anywhere. Simple tutorials can be found on






Why?: Any type from plain solids to multicolored

to funky patterned, windbreakers are so cute, comfortable,

and warm. They are always ready for any type of rainy

weather fall has to throw at you.

Where?: Any vintage windbreakers can possibly be found at a thrift store. If you want new, try


Thrifted Sweaters


Why?: Thrifting is so much fun. You can get incredibly

adorable sweaters for as little as 50 cents! For wide

varieties of styles, stop by The Salvation Army or Goodwill, and

you will be pleasantly surprised.

Where?: Salvation Army, Goodwill, or any other local thrift shops.


Wool Peacoats


Why?: They will keep you significantly warm.

Being wool, they are so cozy and come in a variety of colors.

Perfect fall color schemes for these coats include:

Tan, midnight blue, and emerald, to mention a few.

Where?: or the Burlington Coat Factory.


Ball Caps

ball cap

Why?: Caps are my personal favorite accessory.

Giving off a tomboy vibe, they just effortlessly complete any

“Messy hair, don’t care” type of day.

My favorite are ones I get from places/events I go to, or vintage ones.

Where?: Caps are really easy to find. Many neutral clothing stores carry them. If you’re a baseball fan they can be found

Nude lipstick

Why?: Being on the complete opposite spectrum of red lipstick,

a lipstick closely matching your skin tone is a nice subtle

addition to your makeup routine. It gives off a clean and

fresh faced look, amazing for that ‘no makeup’ appearance.

Beware: don’t pick a color exactly that of your skin tone, or

else it may make you look flushed! I suggest finding

one 1-2 shades darker.

Where?: I highly recommend Mac Cosmetics. You can find a store in Valley West Mall.

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