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Bowling Preview

Melonie Chipp, Staff

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Last year, the boy’s bowling team went to state. If state was the goal for last year, it should be no different this coming year. But their chances of being able to go to state have changed since the season ended.

“That is going to be difficult since we lost our three best guys and one female last year because they were seniors. But we still have some great bowlers on this year’s team,” bowling coach Mitch Elbert said.

Morale building may be a large part of practice this year, while filling the hole the seniors left.

“I feel like us as individuals we can make it to state,” junior Justin Kimball said.

For the bowling team, they have one big goal but then everyone on the teams have there own separate goals.

“My goal would have to be to shoot (bowl) 300 (The top score) for Hoover,” Kimball said.

This year will be Elbert’s second year coaching but he started coaching for a reason that most people wouldn’t believe.

“I started being a coach because I had two senior students in my class a couple years ago that I have had them since freshman year which they happened to talk me into it to be the coach,” Elbert said.

Throughout the loss of senior girl bowlers, the girl’s team as been essentially eliminated as well.

“We really need to have an actual girls team instead of just a few girls. It will be more even that way,” Kimball said.

Alike to every other sport, bowling has its pros and cons.

“Probably one bad thing about the bowling team is that we are limited to how much time to practice before the games,” Elbert said.

Each person of the group may think they are the best person on the team but then that is normal for a team.

“I would say the best players on the team would have to be me and (senior) Austin Lumadue,” Kimball said.

Practices sometimes are like the games but then sometimes they are just like regular practices.

“Some practices are based on drills and techniques and some are based on competitions like,” Elbert said.

Kimball also offers advice on becoming a better bowler.

“I would say when bowling focus on one frame at a time and record the practice,” Kimball said.

The best advice though, may come from a coach.

“Be consistent with your technique so you are throwing the same every time. But most definitely practice a lot. But do not forget that the landmarks have to be consistent as well,” Elbert said.

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Bowling Preview