So long, Kirby

Kirby's career changes

Melonie Chipp, Staff

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Billy Kirby was a counselor that students can go and get college information from, for the past seven school years. He really did make such a great impact on the students and teachers.

“I am sometimes not aware of the great impact I made but in retrospect I put myself out there and fought to put post secondary school in every students mind and future,” former counselor Billy Kirby said.

Kirby left a few weeks before school started and went to I Have A Dream Foundation. But it was not an easy choice for him.

“It honestly was a very tough decision but my job at Hoover was not permanent, and I got the call for the job just a few weeks before school and I could not take up the offer for the job. I don’t know if I will but I would love to come back to Hoover. But then, this new job helps low income students get to go into post secondary schooling,” Kirby said.

I Have A Dream Foundation is a foundation aimed to motivate and empower children from low-income communities to reach their education and career goals by providing a long-term program of mentoring, tutoring and enrichment.

Students miss Kirby ever since he left but it could be for mostly all the same reasons.

“Of course I miss him, its because he was always there to make us laugh and smile when we feel low. But yes he did help the students with lots of college information, that is what seniors really need,” Senior Nyamach Kak.

Even though Kirby does not work here anymore, he still thinks about all the students.

“I was lucky to work at Hoover, and I also think of Hoover students and staff a lot. I hope that everyone hopes high and takes advantage of the opportunity that they can get,” Kirby said.

Even though he is not here anymore, he still knows some of the students need more advice with things for college and what they really need as in courses.

“My advice would be go to the counselors, go to specific teachers that you know that would help you. Go visit colleges but just mostly be proactive on your education. Just mainly have high expectations and dream big,” Kirby said.

He has one more important piece of advice that he has for everyone.

“Keep on challenging yourself, but when you can not challenge yourself anymore go where the challenges takes you,” Kirby said.


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