Ready… Set… Prep !

It’s almost April and you know what that month is… the month of testing! Great right? No not really, but you still have to try your best and any help you can get you should appreciate. So here’s the scoop on the American College Tests (ACTs).

Flor Rodriguez Torres, Online Editor

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ACTs are important because they are the tests most required for almost every state in the US. Colleges look at these scores to determine whether you get in or not. This score also helps determine your availability to get certain scholarships and/ or financial aid. It is very important to take this test seriously and try your hardest because it determines your college life (if you’re planning to go to college).

Important Events:

  • Excursion will be to review for the ACTs (March 27-April 11th)
  • ACTs will be on APRIL 19th, for ONLY JUNIORS
  • APRIL 20th No School for JUNIORS

A few things you can do to prepare for the ACTs

  • Go online to
  • march2sucess (on the DMPS website > student tab > march2succes)
  • Go to the counselor and ask for an ACT prep booklet
  • Show up to husky time

Extra: Iowa Assessments on APRIL 5th!

Questions answered:

Q: What’s a good score for the ACTs?

A: Perfect score is a 36, but the national average is 20, 21.

Q: How many times can I retake?

A: As many as you need to, the first one is free at Hoover and every other retake you have to pay.

Extra facts:

  • Most scholarships are given to students’ with scores 24 or higher.
  • ACTs writing part is optional.
  • High schools only offer the ACTs, but Roosevelt offers SATs
  • Most mid-west colleges require ACTs
  • Colleges east coast & south coast require SATs
  • ACTs 1/5 of RAI score
  • Retakes are held through all year just different locations
  • Taking more core courses & AP courses help increase RAI score
  • Calculate RAI score: > institutions tab > higher education links > Regent Admission Index
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