The Coach, Friend and Mentor

A Look through the life of Will Siffin

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The Coach, Friend and Mentor




Domique Wright, Sports Editor

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Looking for a coach, friend or someone to talk to? William Siffin is the perfect guy. He helps a lot of kids with sports and even in life. He is the head coach of the football team, assistant coach for the girls’ basketball team and boys’ soccer. He enjoys working with kids to help them in life and making sure they understand the game. He got involved in coaching after he decided he didn’t want to play college football anymore due to multiple injuries and his former high school coach helped him get involved in coaching and now Siffin loves to coach and help kids with sports but not with sports but he teaches life lessons as well. One of Siffins favorite memories is helping a kid was when he helped them get ready for the ACT in the off-season.

“It’s an amazing position. Coaching has so many elements and rewards larger than the game itself,” Siffin said.


Siffin is very into his job and being a person people can come to to talk.


“I lead by example. I devote an endless amount of time to my athletes and make sure I’m always there for them. This builds trust and a mutual commitment to excellence,” Siffin said.


Siffin has helped Junior Byron Jarrett Jr. a lot when it comes to improving his play as the quarterback on the football team.

“He helps me improve my mechanics and made me become a better player,” Jarrett said.

Jarrett believes that it is important to have a coach that helps you become a better player but you’re also able to talk to.

“So that you know that you have a good relationship with and to make sure that you guys can be on the same page,” Jarrett said.

Siffin also has helped Jarrett with life lessons so kids are able to be ready for the real world after they get out of High school.

“Be calm when life gives you a hard time,” Jarrett said.

Siffin was Sophomore Rachel Math’s freshman basketball coach. Siffin has helped her a lot in basketball to help improve her scoring.

“He helped me work on my shooting and going to the basket,” Math said.

Siffin continues to help her improve as a player and a coach even though he isn’t her head coach anymore. Math also thinks that it is important to have a coach you can come and talk to as a friend.

“He was my 9th grade coach and he sits on the bench and helps our coach right now as an assistant for some games and correcting stuff we need to fix and on Saturdays he helps me with thing I need to work on,” Math said.

She also thinks that it’s important that a coach shows attention and yells at you a little it shows that they care a little more.

“They can help you make life decisions and a good coach yells at you and that means they care about you and they want you to improve on your skills,” Math said.

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