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Getting to know rugby

The Huskies in a ruck against Newton

The Huskies in a ruck against Newton



The Huskies in a ruck against Newton

Domique Wright, Sports Editor

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Rugby is a sport that is very physical and interesting. A lot of people love the game of rugby although it is very complicated. The Huskies have a pretty good team this season.

They’re a very fast pace team with a lot of speed and power. The Huskies are looking to make it to the state championship with the experienced team that they have.

CJ Reese is a senior on the rugby team. He is a big guy who loves to truck and stiff arm people, along with scoring. He is looking to have a great season. He also wants to improve his play from last year and he wants to make to the state title game.

“I’m to improve from last year and make it to state,” Reese said.

Reese got involved in rugby from Nathan Roby, a coach, and Haris Ademovic, a teammate. Reese believes that rugby is a hard sport but it can also make you a better athlete overall.

“It’s fun and teaches you how to tackle smart, because there is no padding, but I think it’s safer because it makes you tackle and hit smarter because you know you don’t have pads,” Reese said.

Owen McGuffin is also a senior on the rugby team with two years of experience. He is a speedster and loves getting into open space to score tries. He also loves the competitive energy of the game.

“I’m looking forward to working together as a team to achieve a common goal and compete at a high level,” McGuffin said.

McGuffin doesn’t think that rugby is a hard sport. He thinks it’s pretty easy to pick up on the rules after you get to play the game a little.

“Rugby isn’t hard, because the rules are not very well known but are easy to pick up and learn,” McGuffin said.  “Some people may think rugby is dangerous because they’re soft and I think if they think its dangerous rugby just isn’t for them,” McGuffin said.

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