Wake Me Up When September Ends

Senior editor discusses life

Colby Williams, Co-Editor in Chief

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I am an ENFP, (-A/ -T).  To most that looks like a jumble of letters, but those letters actually tell me more what I already know, that I am fiercely independent and a free spirit.

But I needed that personality test to reaffirm my knowledge. For me, knowing more into how my brain works, and the psychology behind it makes me less stressed.  The main reason for this being I am a control freak and knowing things brings me comfort.  

The test did not directly say anything about controlling per say, but it did hit home in the aspects of getting easily stress, over-thinking, and being independent to a fault.  

The start of senior year was not a good one for me.  On my first day of class I got a problem set, and I had to turn in homework. It was not a good time.  

I began school thinking about next year and what college I should go to, thus I was stressed and over-thinking, like my personality test said my weaknesses were.

My older friends tried to warn me about how stressful applying to colleges and scholarships was, but nothing could prepare me for this.  In between volleyball, working, homework, relationships, and volunteering, I have honestly not been present in the past month of school because my last priority has been actual classes.  

Younger classmen, you need to actually be present both physically and mentally, unlike me who is only there physically.  

Though this personality test told me things I already knew about myself, the idea that other people were going through the same things that I was with respect to our personalities lowered my stress.  

I find there to be a very fine line between over planning your future and planning it just enough; I am at a point right now where I am just about to over plan it.  The fact of that makes me stress more to, because I feel like I am trying to live in the future, not the present.  That makes me angry because I do not want to do that, I want to live now, but I find myself forgetting to do that because I get easily distracted.  Yet another weakness according to my personality test.

Basically what I am trying to say is I focus on my weaknesses more than my strengths, and that is most likely a problem, but I will just ignore it until it becomes an itch that I can not help but scratch.

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