Preview for Hoover high school boys swimming

Swimmers talk about what they do for swimming

Drew Ruckle, staff

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   It’s that time a year when fall sports is over and winter sports is taking over. Basketball is more popular at Hoover because it goes to state every year.

   Sophomore Aiden Labresh is part of the boys swimming team and he thinks that there should be more than eight swimmers because everyone wants to go out for basketball or think it’s to easy.  Lonnie the North Side ottor coach wanted me to do swimming so I did it.

“Everyone on the team is accepting and it does not matter who you are “Labresh said.

   Swim meets usually takes between 1 hour to 2 hours it just depends on how many kids we have on the team. When you’re having fun it goes by fast.  

“ Everyone does there best at the swim meets” Labresh said.

Swim team cares about everyone and help people out when they need it.  If you can’t swim that good we are here to help you out swimming. At the meet we cheer on everyone.

  “ Everyone on the team is accepting and does not matter who you are. We care for everyone and always care for people on the team.  It goes half and half on the team some people like to be around others and the other half just keeps things to their self” Labresh said.

  Last swimmer is Cameron Briggs and he has been swimming for two years.  Other sports he does at hoover is Golf and Tennis. Only bad thing about swimming is there are not a lot of people come out because people say it’s too easy.

“ Swimming is fun because you get to enjoy it year around and don’t have to wait until the winter time” Briggs said.

The head coach of Boys swimming is Scott Torres and he has been coaching for six years at hoover. When he’s not coaching he’s doing triathlon. Scott like coaching at Hoover  because he likes the attitude they bring.

“ I want everyone to be closer on the swim team and not feel left out when I’m coaching” Torres said.

  Swim practice is in the more for a hour before school and then after school from 2:45 to 5:20 everyday. The swim team just does not just swim it does conditioning a lot too. Like they swim in the pool then they ride a bike for two miles and after that they run from the pool to the doors that goes to Meredith and back three times.

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