New to being a Husky

Info on new teachers.

Flor Rodriguez Torres, Online editor

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Clark Todd coming to you from Ames HS and Iowa State UNI and UNI of Missouri.

What does he teach? Science, chemistry and scientific research.

Why did you want to teach (science)? “I like science and I wanted to help people understand science better, and working with kids is always fun too.”

Why did you choose HS? “I thought the students would be more developed and know what’s expected of them and how to do things, it would be more fun than if I taught elementary I would feel like a babysitter, and I feel like you can relate more to high school students.”

What was the hardest challenge of becoming a teacher? “Grad schools 15th month program which isn’t very long but there was so much info squeezed in there and when I did that I had to take a break from my job and it was tough since I was going to school and not making money, it was hard to provide for my family.”

What do you bring to hoover? “I bring energy and excitement to subject students wouldn’t be too interested in.”

What do you like about hoover so far? “The students here are great and the support staff is really good.”

What does being a teacher mean to you? “It means I get to help others and I get to talk about something I love (science).”


Laura Tucker

Where did you go to college? “I got my degree in secondary teaching and a minor in biology from the University of Northern Iowa.”

Have you taught anywhere else? “I have taught for five years, and student taught as well as taught for four years at Ottumwa High School before coming to Hoover.”


Angela Alzheimer coming to you from Hylton High School in Woodbridge VA and the Linn-Mar High School in Marion IA and Kirkwood Community College and Mt. Mercy College in Cedar Rapids IA.

What does she teach? Biology

Why she chose to teach/this subject? “I wanted a profession where I could try and make a difference in this crazy world! I also wanted a profession that would allow me to be a good parent to my son, which meant still having time to be with him.”

Why did you choose hoover? “I was recruited from another teacher here. I heard about the great culture and climate that was her, which she was correct on. It’s also pretty close to where I live”

What was the hardest challenge of becoming a teacher? “Time management, being able to juggle multiple things.”

What do you bring to hoover? “My passion for working with advocating for students to help them toward steps in being successful, my team playing mentality, and my love for being a lifelong learner.”


 Karina Suarez-Luna, coming to you from Valley and Johnston HS and Central College.

What does she teach? Spanish 1 and ESL

Why did you want to teach this subject? “I wanted to teach ESl because I was in it as a child and I wanted the opportunity to help international students learn English. I wanted to teach Spanish because my experience in Spanish was not a good one and I wanted to make sure people were learning the correct Spanish.”

Why did you choose HS? “There’s a different mentality and they can understand things better and little kids don’t have the mentality yet.”

Why did you choose hoover? “I always wanted to work in the DMP because I felt that in the urban areas needed more help and I could give a helping hand.”

What was the hardest challenge of becoming a teacher? “The reality check when your student teaching you don’t see how much you have to plan for everything (all the behind the scenes).”

What do you bring to hoover? “As a new teacher I’m trying to bring in new strategies, I also bring a lot of enthusiasm and am very positive.”


Ryan Rowley coming to you from Valley HS and ISU, UNI of Newcastle Australia and UNI of Northern Colorado

What do you teach? Band

Why did he want to teach band?  “It remains one of the most inclusive, intensive, and emotionally engaging subjects I have ever studied. It continues to enrich my life, stimulate my mind, and connect me to the world.”

Why did you want to teach? “I didn’t originally. I guess the teacher that influenced me to become one were Doug Stillwell, my sixth grade teacher, and Tony Garmoe, my former band teacher, who really helped me see who I wanted to become.”

Why did you choose HS? “I enjoy how there are so many ways for students to be engaged in band at the high school level.”

Why did you choose hoover? “I moved to hoover because of the amazing tradition of this school and the amazing potential for growth.”

What was the hardest challenge in the process of becoming a teacher? “Understanding the difference between theory and practice!”

What do you bring to hoover? “My experience, my desire to help students succeed and gain knowledge and my strong devotion to community.”

What is the biggest thing you have realized/ learned in your teaching career? “Every student deserves the opportunity to learn and be successful.”

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