Emma’s Determination

Senior Emma O’ Neal is a prime example of how mass amounts of determination can lead to accomplishing your goals at an accelerated rate.

Robert Bodiroga, Design Editor

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One of the first things that you should know about Emma is that she doesn’t really like school, the reason for this is the social aspect of it.

“I dislike high school because I’m basically surrounded by immaturity and the only people that I get along with are a few select teachers and a few select students so it’s hard to be surrounded by things that don’t show you true reality,” O’Neal said.

This became the drive for her to skip an entire grade and even graduate her junior year of high school.

“When I was in 8th grade I took a lot of high school classes so when I started high school I already had a few credits. That made me strive to graduate early so I can get further to where I want to be in the future,” O’Neal said.

In a way she is a role model to many people due to the amount of effort she uses in everything she does.

“She is very wise and is determined to accomplish anything she puts her mind to,” O’Neal’s boyfriend, senior Josh Kellar, said.

Through determination she was able to enjoy high school as a whole despite the immaturity and distractions from other students.

“I enjoyed high school for the most part because I learned a lot and even though you are surrounded by immaturity you can get above it all and I’m excited to see where my knowledge takes me in my life,” O’Neal said.

She has a straight forward and unique view of her future, something that could be used as an example that underclassmen should follow later on in their school years.

“I’m going to pursue anything that makes me happy because that’s the way life I want my life to simply be,” O’ Neal said.

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