Hoover’s new look

All classes have obtained new furniture

Kassandra Claytor, staff

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When we walked into the school doors on the first day, we were welcomed with new desks. But the questions is are they comfortable? Students have different opinions to this question.

Question 1: What is your name and how do you spell it?

  • Lexi McGregor, Senior
  • Hannah Blackford, Junior
  • Lina Sakbu, Sophmore
  • Kenyoti Hopson, Junior
  • Eohnte ware, Junior

Question 2: What do you think of the new furniture, do you like it better than the old desk?

  • It’s a good setup, it more stable to get around kind of, it really didn’t change much, but I like it overall.
  • Yes I like them a lot more than the old ones.
  • We’re not poor finally, we have something to afford. The principal should keep bringing more things to Hoover High school.
  • It’s well but not comfortable. It was a good investment.
  • No I don’t like it that much it’s not comfortable it’s just for good looks.

Question 3: Do you think students will focus more in class having the new furniture?

  • Students won’t concentrate more, it won’t change.
  • I don’t think the desk affect how the students learn.
  • I believe students will focus more because we won’t have to deal with writing on desk or people getting off task.
  • I believe that we need cushioned chairs since the tears have them.
  • No, it’s just a chair it has no value on helping others pay attention, it comes from students responsibilities.
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