Dream Big

... Or however you want to dream, if you're a lucid dreamer.

Sabina Idriz, Managing Editor

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Have you ever woken up from a thrilling dream and wished you could just go back to bed and do it all over again? Some people actually can, through dream lucidly. It’s the ability to consciously manipulate what happens in your own dream world.

“In your normal dreams you can’t really feel pain or fear or sadness and happiness, but in lucid dreaming it feels very realistic,” sophomore Noah Kreyling said.

A dream is defined as a narrative experience that happens during sleep, and many believe it only happens during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep stage. The most common definition of a lucid dream is a dream where you know you’re dreaming. Many have taught themselves how to lucid dream, and there are even online tutorials.

“I’ve never had to teach myself cause I just do it naturally, but I believe it’d be hard. It’s a very light state between sleeping and being awake,” Kreyling said. “It’s a very different experience, you tend to remember everything.”

According to most studies, lucid dreams are infrequent and happen in less than one percent of dreams. They normally take a lot of effort to force. Some find that lucid dreaming can prevent or stop their nightmares.

There is a drawback: it can get difficult to tell whether you’re dreaming or actually awake. To remedy this, lucid dreamers often come up with something to check during their waking and sleeping hours. Many find that in their dreams, the text in books is fuzzy and not legible, so they keep something to read by their bed. Others notice irregularities in clocks or mirrors in their dreams, and check those.

“I mix up dreaming and being awake, it’ll give me deja vu really badly, like this morning I felt like everything had happened before the same exact way,” Kreyling said.

There is still plenty of research on dreams and lucid dreaming to be done, and much more to find out about how they work. But if it’s winter and you’re really missing riding the Tornado roller coaster at Adventureland, why not give it a shot?

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