Al Campbell


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Leaving Waterloo East in the middle of his sophomore year and also starting on a very good Huskie team as a junior, senior Al Campbell is looking at having a break out season. Averaging seven points, two rebounds and one assist last year, the senior’s goals are to improve his stats and his defense.

“Guarding Doug on the block is helping my post defense a lot.”, Campbell said.

The 6’2 guard will have to guard post players instead of guarding guards this season due to injuries.

“Playing bigger teams will be a problem,” Campbell said because of size and how small the team is this year.

Only played at hoover for one season, making it to the state tournament, hitting a couple of game winners and also finishing the season on a 21-3 record and not losing a single game in the CIML. Campbell is prepared and locked in for this state tournament run.

“We had a good run last year but this year is different, it’s time to take it all” Campbell said.

Throughout the output of this season. Campbell is still developing his game and also trying to further his education.

“I don’t care what school I go to as long as I’m on a campus playing”  #R2W

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