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Jordan Redeker, staff

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Homecoming court is a good way for seniors to be involved in school events like the homecoming dance and spirit week. What would you think if all grades had a chance to be on homecoming court?

North High School has each grade have students on the court. Each grade has a king and queen, instead of just seniors, like here.

“I feel it would make it more fun for freshman because they are younger and would get them more involved,” freshman Naomi Bourland said.

A lot of people agree with Bourland because it would help with their transition into high school.  Involvement in extracurricular activities would likely increase. Not only that but it would be way more fun for the students.

“Students will be way more engaged in spirit week so they will be inspired by each grades stand out,” sophomore Katie Burns said.

Spirt week is a whole week to be fun with out people saying things about your funny outfit because everyone should be participating. Also spirit week is the week you figure out who is representing your school by their good character. Why only have two people be the main point of your school. Why not have eight and get more people involved with it.

But how do other people think about it? “It should only be seniors because it makes it a bigger thing.” Sophomore Jett Grove said.

Senior Pryce Johnson said, “It’s more of a senior thing.”

Grove and Johnson have a different opinion then others. Seniors are more important because its their year to shine.

Johnson thinks it would be a good way to engage the lowerclassmen with the school, but thinks the seniors would have a problem with it because it is something that makes senior year special.

Everyone has a very good reasoning for what they think, but how would you feel about it? Should we let every class have their moment to shine, or just the seniors….

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