Homecoming student opinion

Emma Burriola, staff

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Do you dress up for spirit week? Why or why not?


Thao Larson, Junior

“Hecks yeah! It’s fun to show school spirit!”


Ms. Caskey

“Yes, because I think spirit week is a way to bring the entire school together. I think it unifies us and morales school spirit.”


Parman Chuol, Sophomore

“Yes! It’s fun! School spirit!”


How do you feel about extravagant homecoming proposals?


Maddi, Senior

“I think they’re cute but also over the top sometimes.”


Dana Onley, Senior

“I think it’s pretty cool when I see people do them.”


Terrion, Sophomore

“I mean, I think if you really want to take a girl it’s cute. But, they are overdone.”

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