Herculean Haris

Do not arm wrestle this man

Rylin Kleese, Design Editor

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You may see how strong he is and how muscular he is, but he did not always look like that. In order to train like Ademovic you need to lift heavy, do sprints and cardio, and focus on the fundamentals. It may take some time but with some focus and motivation, you could look just like him.

“It took me 4-5 years to get to where I am today,” senior Haris Ademovic said.

Ademovic has played rugby for Three years.

“I am the captain; I enjoy being the captain because I am filing a leadership role”.

“My favorite thing about rugby is how fast paced it is,” Ademovic said.

He earned the captain role on the team because he has been playing for a long time and he has stayed dedicated throughout the process.

“He was the main person to start the rugby team at Hoover so yes I believe he is a good leader,” Gingerich said.

“My favorite memory of Haris is learning to play rugby with him,” Johnson said.

Ademovic was the main person to get a rugby team here at Hoover.

“My motivation is to be the best I can be and push myself passed my limits,” Ademovic said.

Senior John Gingerich has known Ademovic since elementary school, and they still hang out today.

“We met in 3rd grade when he sat on my head with a beanbag chair,” Gingerich said.

Senior John Gingerich and Ademovic go bowling together through bowling gym.

“He is a very cool and interesting person and he has a massive vocabulary,” Gingerich said.

Ademovic’s future plans include going to Iowa State University and becoming a personal trainer.

“Haris is memorable, unforgettable, positive, philosophical, and he is a legend,” Johnson said.

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