Hamilton’s Teachings

The leader of Hoover Publications talks about her life.

Sabina Idriz, Managing Editor

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Any student editor can tell you that trying to plan ahead, stay on track and organize everything about your publication simultaneously gets hectic. Sarah Hamilton, a teacher for 11 years, has to do all this – and about one hundred other things. She has been leading the Yearbook and Newspaper staff of Hoover for 3 years, bringing them to their full potential. It’s no understatement to say that if it wasn’t for her, nothing would get done.

“I’ve always loved writing and reading, that was just my thing. I remember writing stories in fifth grade – and a poem about subway sandwiches,” Hamilton said.

She was just as busy in high school as she is now. Hamilton went to Lincoln and was on their first ever girl’s soccer team, playing the sweeper and the stopper. She was also on the volleyball team, the drama department (she acted alongside former Hoover staff member Billy Kirby, and was inducted as thespian), student council, and senior board.

“I joined [Lincoln’s] Newspaper in either my sophomore or junior year, and then the next year I was editor in chief, and I did Yearbook where I was a photographer for it. I was also part of Key Club, we planned the Sweetheart Dance and Homecoming week,” Hamilton said.

Fast forward a little bit and you’ll find that in college she interned at the Kiss 107.5 radio station, worked at a non-profit planning runs and educational events, and worked at an insurance company’s marketing department where she got the chance to write a newsletter sent out to over 100,000 people.

Hamilton spent her freshman year at the University of Iowa before realizing she didn’t enjoy it and it wasn’t suited for her learning style. She transferred and went to Drake University, obtaining her undergraduate degree in radio television production and public relations, then went back and got her Master’s degree in teaching. Two years ago she received her specialist’s degree in literacy education.

Hamilton is married and has two twin boys, Wyatt and Jackson. Her favorite thing to do with her family is going to the drive-in.

“They just turned five. They look alike but they’re not identical, although most people think they are. They’re two completely different people… One wants to be a sloth,” Hamilton said.

After Mr. Pilcher left, Hamilton took the reins of Hoover Publications with no hesitation, doing her best to make sure it is the best.

“I think I put my own spin on [Newspaper and Yearbook]. Timm Pilcher was the one who influenced me so I’m sure there’s parts of his philosophy still embedded, but I do think I have implemented a lot of changes that have grown the program; the staff has doubled, if not tripled,” Hamilton said.

She is sad to see her seniors go every year, but also gets to meet new people and help them grow. Hamilton suggests that potential staff members keep an open mind because the Newspaper and Yearbook have a different style of writing than they might be used to.

“First, make sure you’ve taken journalism cause that’s the main step. Second, be prepared for a challenge and have fun,” Hamilton says.

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