Lost Homecoming

A quick recap of the Homecoming Game


Cynthia Renes, Sports Editor in Chief

Football games are always a big part of Friday night’s but Friday’s game was even bigger than usual. It was the homecoming game.

Friday’s game was against the Sioux City East Raiders and ended with a score of 20-51.  Which brings their record to 1-4.

The game started out strong with the Huskies scoring two touchdowns within the first half. Bringing their all-round touchdown statistics to 12 touchdowns.

But the team slowly began to fall apart as the game went on. As the score climbed for the Raiders the Hoover student section began to feel the defeat they dreaded was going to happen.

“I was disappointed with the final score, it felt like the entire crowd started to drift away from the game because we were taking a fat “L”,” senior Jessica Harrington said.

The crowd went wild towards the end of the third quarter due to Dontrez (Trez) Robinson scoring the third and final touchdown of the night for the Huskies. Giving him his sixth touchdown of the season.

“I was disappointed because I scored 2 and as a team we had 3. I wish we had way more that game,” Junior Trez Robinson said.